Anita Dharan

Supervisors: Prof Stephen Bowden, A/Prof Wendyl D'Souza

I started my Masters of Clinical Neuropsychology in 2016. After having worked for several years as a medical scientist in Neurophysiology and as a research assistant in Clinical Neurosciences, epilepsy (particularly 'idiopathic' or genetic generalized epilepsies) became a key research interest of mine. This year I transferred into the Masters of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology)/PhD. My PhD will be looking at cognitive deficits found in patients with Juvenile Absence Epilepsy, a form of inherited generalised epilepsy that affects adolescents. Namely, we wish to investigate whether treating silent epileptiform discharges will improve cognition and the integrity of neural networks in these patients. Outside of uni, I enjoy listening to podcasts, patting cats and eating anything my mum cooks.