Deborah Lin

Supervisors: Dr Daniel Little, Prof Philip Smith

Where should you go to get lunch on campus today? Should you go to the burrito shop again or try a different place? Which shop will likely serve up a tastier and more satisfying meal? This daily conundrum of whether to continue exploiting (i.e., going to the same place) or exploring (i.e., going to another place) illustrates the sort of multi-alternative decision problem that I am interested in. More specifically, I am curious about how people develop an idea of how rewarding each option may be based on their past experiences, and how their confidence in this knowledge of the uncertain environment over time leads them to either further their search for more information or decide on a particular option to continually exploit. When I am not reading papers or deciding on where to get lunch, I enjoy crocheting, baking, and indulging in fine food and wines.