Jessica Kennedy

Supervisors: Prof Stephen Bowden, Dr Paul Jewsbury

I completed both Computer Science and Psychology in undergrad. During my Comp Sci honours year, I worked on applying artificial neural networks in First Person Shooter non-player characters and became more interested in human cognition than AI. After my early life crisis regarding being in the wrong field passed, I began my studies in psychology. I started my Masters is Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology) in 2016, and transferred into the Masters/Ph.D. program in 2017. My Ph.D. is in psychometrics, and involves creating a Computerised Adaptive Test to improve the reliability of memory estimates. The idea is that an algorithm (derived from Item Response Theory) will choose questions which are most informative to ask the patient based on their previous answers. A side benefit is not sitting through 30 easy questions when your memory is darn good, right? When I take off the uni ball and chain, I like pretending I’m a runner, dry humour, and eggs and avo every morning.