Julian Fox

Supervisors: Dr Adam Osth; Prof Simon Dennis

Hello there, my name is Julian. I am a 2nd year PhD student, currently being supervised by Dr Adam Osth and co-supervised by Prof Simon Dennis. The focus of my research is understanding human memory, in particular, understanding how different types of memory and memory tasks can be explained by cognitive modelling. A large portion of the research conducted in my Honours year and throughout my PhD so far has been specifically concerned with the study of ‘source memory’. Source memory is a type of memory that involves remembering the context in which a stimulus was initially observed (e.g., the colour or location on a computer screen in which a word was seen). Despite source memory being a common topic of research, there is little understanding of the cognitive mechanisms underlying it. Osth et al. (2018) made the first step by extending the Osth and Dennis (2015) global matching model of recognition memory to source memory. One of the primary aims of my PhD will be to extend their model to a variety of phenomena in source memory, thus leading it to becoming the first fully-realized mechanistic model of source memory. Outside of psychology, my main passion in life is music. I love playing guitar, going to shows, and listening to lots of albums from a variety of different genres.