Toby Woods

Supervisors: A/Prof Olivia Carter, Dr Jennifer Windt

My major research interest, and the subject of my PhD, is contemplative practices, in particular meditation.  I am interested in the subjective experiences that are aimed for or encountered in different types of practice, and in how those experiences relate to the practice instructions and steps.  My PhD will investigate this subject from a cognitive neuroscience perspective, and will draw on concepts and analytical strategies from philosophy of mind.  I am also interested in mental health, including the way in which contemplative practices can contribute to it, or can conversely result in adverse outcomes.  Previously I worked for several years in legal practice, and it was my deep interest in these areas of psychology that led me to return to study.  In my spare time, I enjoy watching the footy and tennis, playing soccer, reading, writing, and hanging out with my niece and nephew (ages 2 and 3!).