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  • Brain and Mental Health Hub Seminar - 19 May 2022

    Speakers: Dr. Robin Cash (Department of Psychiatry), Prof. Ben Harrison (Department of Psychiatry) & A/Prof Marta Garrido (MSPS)

  • Is social media contributing to eating disorders? - 16 November 2022

    Speakers: Dr Scott Griffiths (MSPS), Dr Siân McClean (LaTrobe).

  • Old drugs for a new indication: Ketamine & psilocybin for Depression - 30 March 2023

    Speakers: Professor Chris Davey (Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne)

  • BAMH Roundtable: Physical Appearance & Eating Disorders - 6 April 2023

    Speakers: Dr Emma Austen (MSPS), Wesley Grey (PhD candidate, MSPS)

  • BAMH Roundtable: Eating Disorders - 15 June 2023

    Speakers: Dr Isabel Krug (MSPS), An Dang (PhD candidate, MSPS)

  • Modelling Rumination as a State-Inference Process - 14 July 2023

    Speaker: Dr Rachel Bedder (Princeton University)

  • BAMH Roundtable: Bayesian accounts of Autism & Psychosis - 3 August 2023

    Speakers: A/Prof Marta Garrido (MSPS), Isabella Goodwin (PhD candidate, MSPS)

  • BAMH Roundtable: Australian's Perceptions and Knowledge of Antidepressants: Reframing the Mental Literacy program - 7 September 2023

    Speakers: Prof. Brett Deacon (MSPS)

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