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The Context and Episodic Memory Symposium (CEMS) is a leading forum for the exchange of ideas among researchers working on theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of context and episodic memory. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made attending scholarly meetings very difficult and many researchers are currently unable to travel. While conference organizers have endeavoured to move events to online platforms, it remains difficult for people to remove themselves from home responsibilities for the hours normally devoted to attending a conference. These problems are amplified for those for whom the sessions occur in the middle of the night.

In an effort to create a more family-friendly, environmentally sustainable and geographically and economically inclusive means for promoting academic conversation, we are introducing the Context and Episodic Memory Symposium - International (CEMSi). CEMSi will act as an adjunct to CEMS, which this year will be an in-person only event.

Dates & Times

CEMSi will run in the last week of November and the first two weeks of December 2021. There will be three sessions each week on different days and at different times (see schedule below). The times have been chosen so that most people will be able to attend two sessions per week at convenient times. Each session will be one hour in duration.

The dates and times for different time zones are listed below.

MelbourneSeoulHyderabadLondonPhiladelphia St Louis
23 Nov, 11:00 AM 23 Nov, 9:00 AM    22 Nov, 7:00 PM 22 Nov, 6:00 PM
   24 Nov, 7:30 PM 24 Nov, 2:00 PM 24 Nov, 9:00 AM 24 Nov, 8:00 AM
25 Nov, 4:00 PM 25 Nov, 2:00PM 25 Nov, 10:30 AM    
30 Nov, 4:00 PM 30 Nov, 2:00PM 30 Nov, 10:30 AM    
1 Dec, 11:00 AM 1 Dec, 9:00 AM    30 Nov,7:00 PM  30 Nov,6:00 PM 
   2 Dec, 7:30 PM 2 Dec, 2:00 PM 2 Dec, 9:00 AM 2 Dec, 8:00 AM
   7 Dec, 7:30 PM 7 Dec, 2:00 PM 7 Dec, 9:00 AM 7 Dec, 8:00 AM
8 Dec, 4:00 PM 8 Dec, 2:00PM 8 Dec, 10:30 AM    
9 Dec, 11:00 AM 9 Dec, 9:00 AM    8 Dec, 7:00 PM  8 Dec, 6:00 PM 

Click here for a detailed schedule of the different talks and posters


All presentations will occur live. Each session will consist of a half hour talk followed by a half hour of virtual "posters". Each poster presenter will be allocated a Zoom breakout room and participants will be able to visit multiple breakout rooms to chat with the presenters.

Talk and poster presenters will provide slides in pdf format one week prior to their session and these will be made available to participants. Note the poster presenters can use these same slides to facilitate the discussions in their breakout rooms - there is no need to create a separate poster in the traditional format. While the slides that speakers and poster presenters provide in advance should bear some resemblance to the slides they use in their presentations they do not need to be identical.

Registration & Abstract Submission

In the interests of inclusivity there is no charge to attend the conference. Please spread the word as we would like to attract as diverse a set of speakers and participants as possible. Unfortunately, the submission deadline for abstracts has passed. However, you can register to attend with the link below.

Click here to register

Contact Us

To stay updated with the symposium, you can follow us on Twitter at @CEMS_i or watch our videos on our YouTube channel.  If you have any questions, please send us an email at

This symposium has been organised by Prof. Simon Dennis, Dr. Vishnu Sreekumar, Dr. Hyungwook Yim, and Dr. Adam Osth.