One of the fundamental questions of human existence is: how should one live? Drawing on theories and methods from across psychology, we study the psychological processes that drive ethics and well-being.

The Ethics & Well-being Hub seeks to develop and integrate expertise across social, personality, clinical, and developmental psychology—along with research in emotion, neuroscience, and decision making—to better understand how people make ethical decisions, how these decisions are shaped by processes within and around them, and how both of these factors impact on their quality of life and mental health.

The Hub is innovative in its goal of linking the psychological study of morality and emotion processes. In doing so, it examines how benefiting others can also benefit the self and contribute to human flourishing. Hub researchers seek to develop an understanding of how acting ethically and experiencing well-being and personal meaning are intertwined. Taking seriously the interaction of the individual and their social context, it will generate new knowledge on how individual health and welfare interacts with the social and cultural environment, and on the central importance of ethical behaviour to the ‘good life’.

The Ethics & Well-being Hub is a unique initiative with a critical mass of researchers that will enable strong intellectual and social innovation.

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