The Ethics & Wellbeing Hub seeks to develop and integrate expertise across social, clinical, and developmental psychology, neuroscience, and decision making to better understand how benefiting others can also benefiting the self. We seek to emphasize the importance of not only understanding how people are impacted by their social environments, but why the ways in which they interact with those environments matters for their own mental health.

By drawing together the study of ethics and wellbeing, we seek to develop an understanding of how the two are intertwined. Taking seriously the interaction of the individual and their context, we aim to generate knowledge around how individual wellbeing interacts with the socio-cultural and ecological environment, and the central importance of ethical behaviour to human health.

Drawing on this synergistic framework we aim to address many key social issues, such as addressing the antecedents and consequences of human conflict and cooperation, uncovering predictors of environmental behaviour and animal protection, revealing the dynamics of organizational culture and business ethics, tackling the intersection of values and psychological disorder, and probing an understanding of factors that underpin a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

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