Our research

Our research focuses on the individual, social, environmental, and organisational psychology of behaviour change. We investigate the various processes that direct individual behaviour and study evidence-based techniques capable of changing behaviour patterns. We are expert at developing, implementing, and evaluating behaviour-change interventions, including digital interventions.

Our research addresses many significant issues including:

  • How can we deliver information in a way that promotes positive behaviour change?
  • How can we motivate people to change their behaviour?
  • How can we help people break and establish habits?
  • How can we assist individuals in successfully managing long-term illnesses and disabilities?
  • How can we deliver high-value interventions that are efficient and widely acceptable?
  • How can we adapt interventions to meet the needs of vulnerable populations?
  • What are the relative strengths and limitations of new technologies that aim to facilitate behaviour change?
  • How can we change organisations and environments to support behaviour change?
  • How can we improve interactions between practitioners and their patients; professionals and their clients; and organisations and members of the public?

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