Amy Coe

Amy Coe

Academic and work history

I completed a Bachelor of Science, Psychology/Psychophysiology (Psych Hons) at Swinburne University in 2015. During my third year of undergraduate study, I began working in research and now have 10 years of experience in both the not-for-profit and academic research fields. Projects that I have worked on include preventing PTSD in patients of children with a severe illness or injury, improving infant sleep, exploring perceptions of online therapy compared to face-to-face therapy and testing a novel tool for triaging depression treatment.

Current project(s)

My PhD project aims to enhance patient and general practitioner engagement in an eHealth intervention for deprescribing antidepressants. I will do this by optimising the design the STOPs (Structured Online intervention to Promote and Support antidepressant de-prescribing in primary care) eHealth tool using a mixed methods research design.

Academic aims for the future

I am keen to pursue a career in academia and research, with a post doc focusing on tapering antidepressants in primary care patients.

What I hope to contribute to the Mental Health Graduates Circle

I hope my knowledge of working in different areas of research will be helpful to others in the group.

What I hope to learn from the Mental Health PhD students

I hope to establish and develop transferable skills from different disciplines and continue to practice flexible thinking for my research and own self.