Annai Charlton

Study background: I undertook a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne, with a major in neuroscience. I then undertook honours studies in behavioural neuroscience, and went on to enrol in a PhD degree. The subject of my PhD research is addiction and neurodegeneration.

Current project(s): My project is looking at the neural and behavioural manifestations of alcohol-related dementia (in a rodent model).

Academic aims for the future: After I finish my PhD I would like to move from animal research to clinical work, either in clinical research, or working in the health sector in a more treatment-based capacity. I have a particular interest in adolescence, as it is a vulnerable period for the onset of mental health issues and addiction.

What you hope to contribute to the Mental Health Graduates Circle: I hope that I can help provide insight into the link between mental health and drug abuse/addiction in terms of what is known about the underlying neural circuitry.

What you hope to learn from the Mental Health Hub Members: I would like to learn more about mental health at a population level, and from a behavioural point of view. I’m interested to learn more about the support systems available, and how those system work. I would like to understand more about how mental health diagnoses deal with comorbidity and less clear-cut conditions, and the approach taken with treatments and medications.