Brendan Llewellyn Pearl

Study background and current project: I am looking at what enables or prevents young people from exiting homelessness and maintaining accommodation for approximately two years after they have used homelessness services. My particular interest is whether the individual factors (e.g. mental health, substance use, history) or group factors (e.g social capital) are more important, and whether this is different for different groups of young people.

Academic aims for the future: Not sure yet.

What you hope to contribute to the Mental Health Graduates Circle:  I think I can bring a strong clinical background having worked as a mental health nurse for almost 10 years, most of which has been in homeless outreach within area mental health services.

What you hope to learn from the Mental Health Hub Members: I hope to learn about innovative ways to utilising routine datasets or introducing tools into non-clinical areas and ways of measuring concepts such as social capital.

Outside of the PhD:  I have an interest in Lacanian psychoanalysis, hiking, and using technology to keep my fruit trees happy.