Clara Luz Chavez Arana

Study background: I completed a bachelor in Psychology and a master in clinical neuropsychology in Mexico City. After completing the master, I started working at the Autonomous University of Mexico supervising neuropsychological assessments of children with a variety of medical conditions. I also gave lectures on neuropsychological assessment and diagnosis at different institutes in Mexico. Currently, I am doing a Ph.D. in Psychology at The University of Melbourne and Murdoch Children´s Research Institute with the group of Child Neuropsychology. I am also a tutor at the faculty of Psychological Sciences in course of Developmental Psychology.

Current project: I am studying the effectiveness of a psychoeducation program for parents of children with brain injuries, which was delivered within Mexican Population.

Academic aims for the future:  My main interests are child neuropsychological rehabilitation and teaching. I am willing to translate research into clinical practice by studying interventions to improve care and outcomes in children and their families. I would like to facilitate this information to clinicians who are looking to improve their practices.

What you hope to contribute to the Mental Health Graduates Circle: I have experience with systematic reviews, case studies, ethics applications, evidence-based practice, teaching and Mplus, and I would be happy to help when needed.

What you hope to learn from the Mental Health Hub Members: I hope that this program allows me to update my knowledge in the field of mental health, provide opportunities develop further research skills, and possibilities to build a network of researchers in the field.