Daniel Peyton

Daniel Peyton

Study background

Behavioural and Emotional Problems (BEPs), such as anxiety and disruptive behaviour, affect around 1 in 3 Australian children. Untreated, these problems get worse over time and can lead to lifelong impairment in work, adult relationships and health outcomes. Incredibly, around half of these children don’t get professional help. Those that do seek help, often face long waitlists (6-12 months) at private paediatric clinics and tertiary hospitals. From an equity standpoint, the impact of cost and distance to services falls disproportionately on marginalised populations.

Current project(s)

For this project, I will build an online parenting platform for children aged 2-12 years old with BEPs, to help them access existing community services and evidence-based online interventions. This will be achieved through a simple, co-designed platform empowering families to find the right information about BEPs and remove barriers to accessing treatment.

Academic aims for the future

Likely a combination of:

  • General Paediatrician
  • Post-doc research in applying this platform (if effective) to a broader audience, such as primary services (eg maternal and child health nurses, GPs, early childhood educators)
  • Some role in health informatics – focusing on consumer informatics

What I hope to contribute to the Mental Health Graduates Circle

My passion lies in children’s mental health, parenting, equity and using digital health interventions to empower families.

What I hope to learn from the Mental Health PhD students

I am really interested in learning about mental health literacy, especially focusing on help-seeking behaviours and how digital health interventions may influence this.