Emma Laird

Study Background: My journey to this point has been wonderfully varied. I began higher education with an Advanced Diploma of Multimedia Design and worked as a freelance designer. I decided that healthcare was much more meaningful to me and have since completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Master of Clinical Audiology.

.Current Projects: My PhD is investigating the experience of audiological rehabiliation (i.e. the process of receiving a hearing aid or cochlear implant) for older adults with hearing impairment and co-morbid psychological symptoms. I am also surveying audiologists about their experiences discussing client mental health concerns. This information will then inform the need for, and scope of, an audiologist-administered, psychologically-informed intervention to optimise audiological rehabilitation outcomes.

Academic Aims for the Future: I have an interest in multidisciplinary research, particularily combining audiology, psychology and counselling. I would love to expand upon my PhD via post-doctoral research and advocate for the importance of mental health in audiological rehabiliatation.

What you hope to contribute to the mental health graduate circle? I hope I can bring more awareness about hearing impairment to researchers and clinicians so that interactions can be optimised for this population. I hope that my background in design might also be useful in sharing research visually via posters, slide presentation and infographics.

What you hope to learn from mental health hub members? I would love exposure to research and people within the mental health field. Multidisciplanary ideas and perspectives would help improve my own research and ideas.