Greg Ireton

Greg Ireton

Study background

I completed my BA Psychology degree in 2014 and my MSc in Psychological Science in 2015, both at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. At present I am completing my PhD at the University of Melbourne and Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health.

Current project(s)

I am involved in a number of research projects related to the impacts of disasters on communities. Much of the research relates to the 2009 bushfires but some of the research is in collaboration with New Zealand and South Australia to broaden out to other disasters and communities.

Academic aims for the future

I am primarily interested in fostering my research capabilities either in this field or something similar in the health and well-being space.

What I hope to contribute to the Mental Health Graduates Circle

Coming as a more mature PhD candidate, I hope that I can bring some specific life experience working with communities and working as a policy adviser in Government.

What I hope to learn from the Mental Health PhD students

I hope to broaden my understanding across a range of disciplines and research areas and to be challenge in thinking about topics and approaches in different ways.