Hannah Savage

I completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) at The University in Queensland (UQ), graduating at the end of 2016. I then worked at the Centre for Advanced Imaging at UQ organising an epilepsy project. From these experiences I realised I wanted to find a PhD project that involved neuroimaging, interacting with patient groups and animal work. I’ve managed to find this in my PhD project where I aim to develop a novel neural systems model of fear regulation. Using fMRI to investigate the neural mechanisms behind fear learning and safety signal processing, I hope to shed light on aspects of the pathology of anxiety and depression. Later in my project I hope to translate this into an animal model to further probe any smaller-scale neural changes.

At the moment, I think I would like a career in research and academia. I would like to be involved in engaging the wider community in science and inspiring future generations, especially women, to contribute to this exciting field.

I hope that I can share any knowledge I have gained from my undergraduate studies and working with others.

I think that this PhD programme will provide me with valuable interdisciplinary exposure. I can’t wait to learn from others in a related field whose expertise will likely differ from mine and whose opinions may challenge those that I hold. I’m really looking forward to the discussion forums and group chats that will undoubtedly provide me with interesting points to think about and where I can make new friends and colleagues.