Kelton Hardingham

Study Background:  I have previously completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours, majoring in psychology and criminology, at the University of Melbourne. My Honours project investigated the effect of schizophrenia’s labelling, symptomatology and illness course on eliciting public stigma.

Current Projects: I have recently started my PhD under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Groot and Professor Nicholas Haslam. This research will primarily focus on the effect of media representations of schizophrenia, especially those of crime and violence, on the public’s cognitions and emotions. The study will draw upon theories and practices of traditional psychological sub-disciplines as well as those from criminology.

Academic Aims for the Future: My academic aim for the future is to develop the newly created Mental Health Stigma Lab, via creation of research and mentoring of new students.

What you hope to contribute to the mental health graduate circle? I believe that my knowledge of mental illness stigma could benefit the Mental Health Graduates Circle. This is because an individual’s mental health status is intrinsically related to stigma they may elicit within public. Furthermore, in the inverse, experiencing stigma can radically exacerbate an individual’s mental health issues. I think helping others understand this relationship between mental health and stigma would encourage a more holistic approach to conceptualising mental health.

What you hope to learn from mental health hub members? I think the Mental Health Hub will provide me with an understanding of how professionals and peers within the mental health field conceptualise current research issues, practices and implementations.  I believe this will help me understand where the field is going and my place within it.