Kristina Lainson

Study Background:  My background is in community development and counselling in Aotearoa New Zealand. I hold a BSc(Hons) Psychology and a Masters of Narrative Therapy and Community Work. My recent research has involved developing counselling practices for working with people who express concerns about eating and its effects on their bodies.

Current Projects: Located in the Department of Social Work, my PhD is a community based exploratory study seeking to better understand subjective experience of living long-term with anorexia (nervosa) in adulthood. By inviting diverse participation and focussing on coping, response and insider knowledge the study aims to create space for more favourable and nuanced representation, increased hope and for some common assumptions to become unsettled.

Academic Aims for the Future: My interests and hopes for the future are wide-ranging. I trust my passion for research, teaching, practice and advocacy will develop pathways for meaningful contribution and opportunities.

What you hope to contribute to the mental health graduate circle? As a third year, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far about PhD life, and the knowledge I’ve gained about using social media and survey design to invite hard to reach participation. My approaches to mental wellbeing are informed by post-structural and social constructionist ideas, and intersectional feminism and I’m eager to engage in conversations with anyone keen to explore these ideas in their context.

What you hope to learn from mental health hub members? I look forward to being part of interdisciplinary collaboration for furtherance of knowledge and understandings that benefit the people we seek to serve. I can be reticent about ‘putting my ideas out there’ and would love to gain inspiration for publishing, presenting and networking.