Laura Gwendoline Finlayson

Study Background: I completed an undergraduate double degree in Arts and Science, majoring in Physiology, Psychological Science, Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Western Australia. I’ve since undertaken a Master of Biomedical Science at UoM and am currently doing a PhD with the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre.

Current Project: My current project investigates the brain basis of self-other processing in social anxiety disorder. I use functional MRI and self-report measures to investigate this construct, along with its relationship with other traits such as self-functioning, narcissism and theory of mind.

Academic Aims: I would like to complete my PhD in 2019 with as many published papers as possible and go on to a fulfilling postdoctoral research position. I would also like to teach at the undergraduate level at some point, as helping people learn brings me a lot of joy.

What I Can Contribute: I have attended many conferences across my Masters and PhD, so am well-placed to advise other students on how to maximise networking opportunities and improve their presentation skills. As part of my work, I have learnt to run functional MRI scans and administer a clinical diagnostic interview, so can also provide information on these topics. I also have good writing skills and am always happy to help with any editing queries.

What I’d Like to Learn: I’d love to improve my statistics skills, learn how to write a grant application and learn all about applying for postdoctoral jobs.