Mei Zhao

Study Background: After completing a Bachelor of Clinical Medicine, I studied the Master of Psychiatry and Mental Health in Peking University. The title of my master thesis is ‘Association between leisure activities and cognitive function among community-dwelling older adults’. Prior to starting my PhD, I worked as a research assistant in the Dementia Care & Research Center, Peking University. Now, I am a PhD candidate in the Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age, University of Melbourne.

Current Project: My PhD project investigates the awareness of dementia among older Chinese immigrants. I will use mixed-method to explore their knowledge, beliefs and attitudes towards dementia. Hopefully, this project will gain a comprehensive understanding of the awareness of dementia in this migration population and provide good evidence for future studies on how to promote it.

Academic Aims for the Future: I hope to complete my PhD before 2021. After that, I would like to go on a postdoctoral research position in the early detection of dementia and dementia risk reduction area.

What you hope to contribute to the Mental Health Graduate Circle? As my experience of research or study is in the context of Chinese community and culture, I could give my insights about conducting in the Chinese community.

What you hope to learn from the Mental Health Hub Members? I am eager to improve my academic communication skills, both in speaking and writing. I hope to learn from other’s experience of translating research findings into application.