Nicole Hill

Study Background:  Before my PhD I completed a Masters of Brain and Mind Science from the Brain Mind Centre, The University of Sydney. Prior to moving to Melbourne to start my PhD I worked as a research officer at the Black Dog Institute on LifeSpan, a systems approach to suicide prevention trial in NSW.

Current Projects: My PhD involves using coronial mortality data to identify risk factors associated with youth suicide and youth suicide clusters in Australia. I am also looking at emergency department monitoring data to identify risk factors associated with self-harm presentations to the emergency department in Tasmania, which has the highest rates of youth suicide in Australia. These monitoring data will be used to inform the development of a local suicide prevention action plan in the Smithton community in Tasmania. Additional projects include #ChatSafe: the development of guidelines for young people who communicate about suicide online; and a review of postvention interventions for suicide bereavement.

Academic Aims for the Future: To investigate and design suicide prevention interventions informed by epidemiological data and collaborate with others in improving equal access to mental health services.

What you hope to contribute to the mental health graduate circle? I’m interested in epidemiology and the translation of research in the development of policy, implementation, and community action.

What you hope to learn from mental health hub members? I am very eager to learn from others experiences as researchers in the science and mental health community and to make connections with multiple disciplines. Mental health is complex and requires engagement across disciplines in order to lower the burden of mental ill health in the community.