Patrick McLaren

Study Background:  I was awarded a Master in Psychology at Monash University in 2016. During my studies I worked as a Project Manager and Data Analyst in Centre for Program Evaluation at Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Since completing my Masters, I also tutored in Mixed Methods Research and Quantitative Research Methods. I am currently a Registered Psychologist working as a Student Counsellor at Monash University.

Current Projects: My PhD topic is Therapeutic Gaming for Mental Health and Wellbeing, focusing on Tabletop Roleplaying Games. I plan to map the potential benefits associated with this form of gaming onto the biopsychosocial models of anxiety and depression to develop of model of therapeutic action and how to leverage gaming systems for therapeutic outcomes. I then play to conduct a trial to empirically test the model.

Academic Aims for the Future: Ultimately, I would like to start my own research centre focusing on the use of gaming as therapy, and to create a tool box for therapists to use with children and adult with a range of mental health issues. I would also like to supervise students in research.

What you hope to contribute to the mental health graduate circle? I have considerable experience with research methodology and data analysis, particularly gen one, which may be helpful.

What you hope to learn from mental health hub members? I hope to stay up to date on current research in metal health, as well as develop a network of professionals in the area.