Phoebe Thomson

Study background: I completed a Bachelor of Science with a Diploma in Applied Mathematics and Honours in Psychology. Currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Paediatrics, MDHS.

Current project(s): My research aims to model brain development in children with ADHD, and evaluate the neural factors which predict better cognitive ability across the primary school years

Academic aims for the future: Following my PhD I hope to continue working in ADHD and ASD research, and develop my clinical skills by completing a Masters in Clinical Psychology

What you hope to contribute to the Mental Health Graduates Circle: I hope my background in both psychology and applied mathematics and computational modelling will allow me to assist any fellow members with applying statistical or modelling techniques to their mental health research

What you hope to learn from the Mental Health Hub Members: Through the program members I hope to gain more exposure to applied mental health research, to gain insight into how studies could take advantage of neuroimaging techniques to inform the development and action of clinical interventions