Prof Sarah Wilson

Sarah is an internationally recognised expert in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology. Her research program has advanced our understanding of the neural basis of human cognition and behaviour. She has pioneered music neuroscience research in Australia, showing how music can enhance brain function in healthy individuals, and facilitate recovery after brain injury. She has also described a new clinical syndrome that arises following treatment of neurological disorders, and her research has led to better management of the cognitive, emotional, and social difficulties faced by individuals recovering from brain injury. Sarah employs behavioural, genetic, and neuroimaging techniques in her research, and heads a vibrant team of researchers in the Clinical and Music Neuroscience Lab. She is also the Director of Music, Mind and Wellbeing (MMW), a world-first initiative linking neuroscience with music and social wellbeing through a unique set of collaborations spanning music, science, health, education, and industry. Clinically, she has expertise in the cognitive and psychosocial assessment of individuals with brain injury. She has established a hospital-based rehabilitation service for epilepsy patients and their families, and more recently a community-based Psychosocial Clinic for patients with Functional Neurological Disorders. Her research has been awarded multiple prizes internationally and changed clinical practice around the globe