Sarina Cook

Study background: I graduated my Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) in 2017 and am currently enrolled in a PhD in Psychology at the University of Melbourne. I’ve also undertaken a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Sociology), a Certificate IV in Mental Health, and have experience with CBT eHealth interventions. My background has a psychosocial focus and my top three favourite mental health perspectives are cognitive-behavioural, psychoevolutionary and psychoanalytic.

Current projects: Under the supervision of Prof Kim Felmingham and Prof Lisa Phillips, I am continuing my Honours research into bivalent fear of evaluation. The aim of my PhD research is to contribute to scientific knowledge regarding how individuals process social information related to fear of positive and negative evaluation and how this contributes to the development and maintenance of social anxiety symptoms.

Academic aims for the future: My vision is to advance cognitive-behavioural therapies for social anxiety disorder. I hope to expand and enhance the amazing work and thinking that has come before me to further address how positive information is processed in social anxiety and to facilitate CBT with technology.

What you hope to contribute to the mental health graduates circle: I hope to contribute to interesting conversations about different theories and experiences in mental health. Peer support is important, and I hope within the circle we can exchange study skills and learn new techniques.

What you hope to learn from the mental health hub members: I hope to learn from the multidisciplinary atmosphere. Not see different disciplines as cardboard cut-outs, but rather understand how other approaches view and aim to support mental health. I would also like to learn PhD tips.