Shaunagh O'Sullivan

Shaunagh O'Sullivan

Study background

I completed my BA Psychology degree in 2014 and my MSc in Psychological Science in 2015, both at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. At present I am completing my PhD at the University of Melbourne and Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health.

Current project(s)

The aim of my PhD is to identify different classes of users on a moderated online social therapy intervention for young people aged 16-27 years to maintain treatment effects from First Episode Psychosis, and to investigate the relationship between these user groups, patterns of usage, baseline characteristics and treatment outcomes.

Academic aims for the future

I hope to progress to a post-doctoral research position in the area of youth mental health. Eventually I hope to be able to apply my skills and knowledge to design, implement and evaluate evidence-based interventions that promote long-term functional recovery for young people with emerging and/or moderate to severe mental health disorders.

What I hope to contribute to the Mental Health Graduates Circle

I hope to share my knowledge and experience of working specifically in the area of youth mental health research and with young people accessing online helplines via text or e-mail. I can assist with preparing ethics applications, papers for publication, conference presentations and reports. I also have experience designing evidence-based surveys, validating measures, and data analysis using SPSS.

What I hope to learn from the Mental Health PhD students

I hope to generally broaden my knowledge in the area of mental health through multi-disciplinary networking. I also hope to learn about coding, machine learning and more complex statistical analyses using different statistical software packages. I am also interested in workshops involving the design, implementation and evaluation of RCTs, conducting systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and using different reference management tools efficiently.