Tim Kariotis

Study Background:  Before my PhD, I studied a Master of Public Health at UTAS, with my research project exploring information continuity in Tasmanian Mental Healthcare, and the potential role of My Health Record.

Current Projects: My PhD project is exploring how people with a lived experience of severe mental health conditions view their health data and its use in primary mental health care. I am also involved in projects at UniMelb relating to My Health Record, and projects at UTAS relating to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and the evaluation of a national public health campaign.

Academic Aims for the Future:  I decided to follow an academic pathway because of my experience as a carer for someone living with a mental health condition. My academic aims are to build a multidisciplinary portfolio of research relating to lived experience of significant mental health conditions, which can be translated to improvements in healthcare services.

What you hope to contribute to the mental health graduate circle? Through my work at UTAS, and previous not-for-profit work, I’ve refined my skills in stakeholder engagement, and project management which I believe are important research skills, which I can help others develop.

What you hope to learn from mental health hub members? Through the program, I hope to gain a better insight into clinical mental health research. I want to learn how to communicate my findings to clinicians while also building collaborations with clinical researchers.