Yara Toenders

Study background:

I did a Bachelor in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam and after that I did a neurobiology Master’s in Psychopharmacology and pathophysiology, also at the University of Amsterdam. During my studies I did 3 internships, at the Amsterdam Medical Centre, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Melbourne. The topics of these internships were addiction and impulse control, posttraumatic stress disorders and brain connectivity in young people and symptom subtypes of depression in young people.

Current project:

The aim my project is to identify and validate subtypes based on depressive symptoms in young people with MDD and to examine the differences in underlying (neuro)biological mechanisms. In addition, the goal is to study differences in response to CBT treatment combined with antidepressant medication or placebo between the different subtypes. Ultimately results from this PhD project will provide crucial information on the validity and neurobiological substrates of urgently needed subtypes of youth depression, and will inform personalised treatment for young people with depression.

Academic aims for the future:

Publishing my very first paper about symptom subtypes in young people with depression.

What I hope to contribute and what I hope to learn:

What I hope to contribute is information about my super interesting project.

I hope I can learn more about the practical side of science, things like tips on publishing papers or how to communicate science to general public.