The SENSE Study (Sleep and Education: learning New Skills Early)

Project Details

Between 2012-2016, the ADAPT Team at the University of Melbourne conducted a research project called The SENSE Study for Years 7-10 students in high schools in the Melbourne Metropolitan Region. The study explored a new approach to the prevention of health problems by intervening early with teenagers to help them learn and sleep better through two new early intervention programs:

Sleep SENSE Program- designed to teach students how to improve sleep quality, sleep duration, relaxation techniques and general wellbeing.

Study SENSE Program- designed to help students improve their time management, memory and study skills, and to promote active engagement with their school work.

The SENSE Study is a valuable opportunity to better understand how sleep, mood and self-regulation (study skills) impacts adolescent wellbeing, mental and cardiovascular health.

Please click on the links to download a copy of the 'Sleep SENSE Workbook' and the 'Sleep SENSE Facilitator's Manual'.

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