Seminar presentation: Continuation and Cessation of Music Participation

Graduate Research Seminar Series - Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

MMW member and research fellow, Dr Amanda Kraus, will be giving a presentation as part of the ongoing Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Graduate Research Seminar Series.

Title: Continuation and Cessation of Music Participation
Date and Time: 26th April 2018, 12pm (please note that the seminar session commences at 11am)
Where: Tallis Wing, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Royal Pde, Parkville

While a surge of research has begun to examine music investment and well‐being, very little has considered how best to promote life‑long investment in music across the lifespan. Thus, the current research aimed to address the significant research gap which concerns how and why individuals continue to participate or, instead, cease their participation in musical activities. In particular, this presentation will address three components of the larger study that consider differentiating the psychosocial variables related to continuing versus ceasing musical participation and an exploration into the reasons why people cease their participation and their ideas about what would re-engage them in participating. Collectively, these findings indicate particular factors that are associated with participants continuing or ceasing musical activity, with implications for educators’ attempts to intervene in such.

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