Hayley Jach

Supervisor: Dr Luke Smilie

My longstanding love for research has become a deep, dark obsession with my entry into the realms of the School of Psychological Sciences' PhD program. By the completion of my PhD, I aim to have developed a biologically plausible computational model of the personality traits Extraversion and Openness/Intellect, focusing on the effect of dopamine and reward. I am passionate about the benefits of interdisciplinary research, so am thrilled (if, presently, a little overwhelmed!) at the opportunity to combine my various interests in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, mathematical psychology, and personality psychology. I am also a strong advocate of best methodological practices, such as open science and preregistration, and am excited to begin my formal research training at a time when these ideas are gaining traction. When not researching, I am rock climbing, reading long-form journalism, and dreaming about owning a cat.