Reimbursement Participant System

The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences has recently purchased an additional SONA account for paid participants. This works very much the same way that the REP SONA system works, but with the same flexibility that advertising around the school and elsewhere has provided. Advertising on this system not only will make bookings easier, but it also means that over time the School will grow a pool of test subjects who will have a one-stop-shop to return to should they want to participate in paid research.

Access Reimbursed Participant System

Access to this system requires a new UserID and password as it is managed separately to the REP system. PhD students and staff from the School may request an account via email:

Research participants are freely able to create a new user account and sign-up for any active studies. This account will also use a different UserID and password to their REP account (if they have one).