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Our Laboratory explores an assortment of topics involving social perception and individual differences. Our social psychological work focuses on the subtle and often nonconscious ways in which people dehumanize and objectify one another. In addition, we conduct research on people's beliefs about human nature, on the perception of animals and human-animal relationships, and on how beliefs about the nature of group differences are associated with prejudice and stereotyping. Our personality-related research investigates whether individual differences are best conceptualised as matters of degree or as matters of kind (i.e., dimensions or categories), using taxometric research methods.


University of Padua

Research Publications

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  • Cain B, Currie R, Loughnan S, Haslam N. (in press). "Schizophrenia" in the Australian print and online news media. Psychosis.
  • Haslam N, Loughnan S. (in press). Dehumanization and infrahumanization. Annual Review of Psychology.
  • Holland E, Haslam N. (in press). Worth the weight: The objectification of overweight vs. thin targets. Psychology of Women Quarterly.
  • Loughnan S, Haslam N, Sutton R, Spencer B. (in press). Dehumanization and social class: Animality in stereotypes of 'white trash', 'chavs', and 'bogans'. Social Psychology.
  • Park J, Haslam N, Shimizu H, Kashima Y, Uchida Y. (in press). More human than others, but not always better: The robustnes of self-humanizing across cultures and interpersonal comparisons. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.
  • Wilson S, Haslam N. (in press). Humanness beliefs about behavior: An index and comparative human-nonhuman behavior judgments. Behavior Research Methods.
  • Bain P, Vaes J, Haslam N, Kashima Y, Guan Y.  Folk conceptions of humanness: Beliefs about distinctive and core human characteristics in Australia, Italy, and China. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 2012; 43: 53-58.
  • Bastian B, Costello K, Loughnan S, Hodson G.  When closing the human-animal divide expands moral concern: The importance of framing. Social Psychological and Personality Science 2012; 3: 421-429.
  • Bastian B, Loughnan S, Haslam N, Radke H.  Don't mind meat? The denial of mind to animals used for human consumption. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 2012; 38: 247-256.
  • Haslam, N. Toilet psychology. The Psychologist 2012; 25: 430-433.
  • Haslam N, Holland E, Kuppens P.  Categories versus dimensions in personality and psychopathology: A quantitative review of taxometric research. Psychological Medicine 2012; 42: 903-920.
  • Koval P, Laham SM, Haslam N, Bastian B.  Our flaws are more human than yours: Ingroup bias in humanizing negative characteristics. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 2012; 38: 283-295.
  • Park J, Haslam N, Kashima Y.  Relational to the core: Beliefs about human nature in Japan, Korea, and Australia. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 2012; 43: 774-783.
  • Toner E, Haslam N, Robinson J, Williams P.  Character strengths and wellbeing in adolescence: Structure and correlates of the Values in Action Inventory of Strengths for Children. Personality and Individual Differences 2012; 52: 637-642.
  • Bastian B, Denson T, Haslam N.  The roles of dehumanization and moral outrage in retributive justice. PLoS ONE 2013; 8(4): e61842.

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