Brain Imaging

Research conducted by the lab has used EEG and MRI spectroscopy to investigate electrical and neurochemical changes in the brain associated with normal and abnormal brain function. The majority of this work involves local and international collaborators with specific expertise in these methods

Journal Articles


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  • Larsen, M., Dzafic, I., Darke, H., Pertile. H., Carter. O., Sundram. S & Garrido, M. (2020) Aberrant connectivity in auditory precision encoding in schizophrenia spectrum disorder and across the continuum of psychotic-like experiences. Schizophrenia Research [Early View - PDF]


  • Chan, Y., Pitchaimuthu, Q., Wu, Q., Carter, O., Egan, G., Badcock, D. & McKendrick, A. (2019) Relating excitatory and inhibitory neurochemicals to visual perception: a magnetic resonance study of occipital cortex between migraine events Plos One  14(7): e0208666 [PDF]


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