People / Contacts

Lab members & research interests

  • Dr Hayley Darke
    Dr Hayley Darke, Facing processing, Schizophrenia & Emotion processing
  • Anna Antinori
    Anna Antinori PhD. candidate, Visual perceptual awareness, Personality traits & Decision making
  • Rebekah Street
    Rebekah Street PhD. candidate, Psychopathology, Sensory Processing & Cognition
  • Toby Woods
    Toby Woods PhD. candidate, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind & Meditation
  • Jody Stanley
    Jody Stanley PhD. candidate, Visual Perception, Perceptual Rivalry & Psychopharmacology
  • Daniela Huepe
    Daniela Huepe PhD. candidate, Cognitive Neuroscience, Functional Neurological Disorder & Attention and Perception
  • Giana Patel
    Giana Patel MPhil, Cognitive Neuroscience, Consciousness, EEG and Neuroimaging