OHS Communiqué - For Staff & Students

To All Staff and Students,

ERMS is the University wide Entreprise Risk Management System that will be utilised throughout all Faculties and functional areas of the University to manage Incident and Hazard reporting for staff and students.

Whist staff have been provided with ERMS access since the 27th March I wish to advise that the Incident/Hazard Reporting system, ERMS, will GO LIVE for Students on Monday the 5th June.

All incident and Hazard reporting will need to be submitted via the ERMS system.

Student Access to ERMS

  • Simply logon to the UoM Health and Safety page
  • Select the Incident and Hazard tab and click on Report an incident or hazard button to directly link you to the site and you’re ready to go. (Please note you will need to use your University username and password)
  • If you are unable to access the system you will still be able to report your incident or hazard on the hardcopy forms available for download from the Health and Safety website. Contact Stop 1 or your Health and Safety Business Partner – Swaved Marcinski for further advice.

Where can a student go to for more information?

  • Visit Stop 1 via the link provided - http://students.unimelb.edu.au/stop1
  • Visit the UoM Health and Safety webpage via the link provided or contact your local Health and Safety Business Partner Swaved Marcinski as detailed above. A list of Faculty related Health and Safety Business Partners can be found on the UoM Health and Safety webpage
  • If you are unable to access the ERMS system or are experiencing difficulty with the ERMS system please log a call via 13Melb/Stop1.


N.B. to Staff: The above icon is also found within Staff Hub, providing access to ERMS.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Swaved Marchinski