Accreditation and Profession

All courses offered by the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences have been accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, the authority tasked by the Psychology Board of Australia for accrediting education providers and programs of study for the psychology profession. The accreditation standards can be viewed online via the Psychology Board of Australia website.

Below are links to the listings of accredited courses in the School:

Courses taught entirely at the University of Melbourne (link)

Courses taught jointly with the National University of Singapore (link)

The Professional Masters Programs of the School provide accredited courses in the following two Areas of Practice Endorsement:

Clinical Neuropsychology (link)

Clinical Psychology (link)

Many of our academic staff are affiliated with the Australian Psychological Society (APS). The APS provides a range of information for those interested in the profession of Psychology. Click on the links below for some examples:

Pathways to registration as a psychologist (link)

Careers advice (link)

A number of our staff are also members of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association. ACPA provides specialist recognition, education, and representation for clinical psychologists who hold post-graduate qualifications in clinical psychology.