Course structure

Course outline

Course outline

Psychology Undergraduate CAP Availability

The subjects listed below are available for students to apply for through the Community Access Program.

100-Level Subjects   

PSYC10003 Mind, Brain and Behaviour 1

PSYC10004 Mind, Brain and Behaviour 2

200-Level Subjects

PSYC20006 Biological Psychology

PSYC20007 Cognitive Psychology

PSYC20008 Developmental Psychology

PSYC20009 Personality and Social Psychology

300- Level Subjects  

PSYC30012 The Unconcious Mind

PSYC30014 The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

PSYC30015 Applications in Psychology

PSYC30016 Social and Emotional Development

PSYC30017 Memory, Perception and Cognition

PSYC30018 Neuroscience and the Mind

PSYC30019 Development of the Thinking Child

PSYC30020 Psychology of Sleep and Emotions

PSYC30022 Trends in Personality and Social Psychology

Course leaders

Submit your enquiries regarding the Undergraduate Psychology Community Access Program through the MSPS Undergraduate Web Form.