OHS Resources for Students

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment requirements are everyone's responsibility. By taking some simple, common-sense approaches, and by following the guidelines provided by the School and University, you can ensure that you are studying and conducting research in a safe and healthy environment.

School OHS Representative

Swaved Marcinski

MSPS OHS Advisor


The University is committed to providing and maintaining, so far as is practicable, an environment that is safe and without risks to health for staff, students, contractors and visitors. The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences is supported by Health and Safety teams in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences as well as University Services in achieving these objectives.

Student Responsibilities

  • Comply with the UOM Policies and Procedures
  • Take reasonable care of your health and safety and also that of others
  • Do not place yourself or others at risk
  • Adopt safe work practices, wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided
  • Report in any hazards, near misses/incidents and injuries
  • Participate in OHS training sessions and other OHS activities
  • For environment - reduce, reuse and recycle

Postgraduate OHS Induction

In addition to the general guidelines listed above, your supervisor or lab director may have procedures in place specific to their lab or area of research that you will be required to adopt. This may include undertaking further OHS related training.

OHS Resources

University Health & Safety (link)

Working in Isolation (link)