Master of Applied Psychology

Resources for students including administrative procedures, important forms and student support

  • Administration Procedures

    Redmond Barry Building Access

    Postgraduate students are eligible to access the following spaces:

    • Graduate Resources Room (10th floor)
    • Staff & Postgraduate tearoom (12th floor)
    • After hours building & corridor access (including weekends)

    A valid Student ID card is required to access these spaces. Once you have obtained an active Student ID card you must submit an Access Request form so that your card can be updated.

    After-Hours Building Access

    The after hours access request form can be downloaded here.

    Printing and Photocopying

    Postgraduate students receive print credit to the value of $75.00 (750 pages) accessible from the computer workstations within the Graduate Resources Room of the Redmond Barry Building. Within the School both printing and photocopying are $0.10 per slide.

    The printing/photocopying credit allowance will be available on student accounts at the start of Semester 1. Additional print credit for use in the Graduate Resources Room can be purchased from the Psychology Enquiries desk on level 12.

    Please note: credit allocated or pruchased from the School is only valid when used from the computers in the Graduate Resources Room. This credit is non-transferable to the Unicard system and unused credit cannot be refunded.

Contact Information

Director of Professional Programs

Professor Kim Felmingham

Program Coordinators

Professor Nick Haslam

Dr Cassie Govan

Research Programs Officer

Ms Marianela Delgado-Henriquez

Academic Programs Officer

Ms Jessie Kelly

Ms Sarah Thorpe