Research Higher Degrees Resources

  • Office Space

    Students seeking office space on campus need to submit their request via the following online form:

    The Office Space Form

  • Printing / Photocopying Credit

    The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences recognises the costs involved in studying, so we're pleased to be able to assist our postgraduate students by providing an annual printing/photocopying credit allowance.

    In 2015, postgraduate students will receive $75.00 or 750 pages credit accessible in the Graduate Resources Room, Redmond Barry building. Printing/photocopying in this location is $0.10 per side.

    The printing/photocopying credit allowance will be available on student accounts at the start of Semester 1. Additional print credit for use in the Graduate Resources Room can be purchased in cash from Psychology Enquiries.

    Please note: printing/photocopying credit allocated or purchased from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences is valid in the Graduate Resources Room only. This credit is non-transferable to the Unicard system.

    For information about printing elsewhere on campus, please visit the Student IT & eLearning support website.

  • Redmond Barry Building Access

    Postgraduate students are eligible for special access privileges in the Redmond Barry building:

    • Graduate Resources Room (10th floor)
    • Staff & Postgraduate tearoom (12th floor)
    • After hours building & corridor access (inc. weekends)

    A valid Student ID card is required to access these spaces. Once you have obtained a new Student ID card, please submit an MSPS Student Access Request online so the card can be updated.

    Please note: access requests are usually processed by Property & Campus Services within 1-3 working days.

  • Locker Hire

    Locker hire is available on campus from the Student Union (UMSU) or free of charge from the Graduate Student Association (GSA)

  • GSA / Graduate Centre (1888 building)

    Postgraduate students are welcome to join the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and use the facilities in the Graduate Centre (1888 building). The GSA also provides a range of student services, including advice & advocacy.

    Facilities in the 1888 building include 24/7 computer labs, printing facilities, student lockers, meeting rooms, study areas and lounges. Many of these spaces are also accessible after hours (inc. weekends).

    For more information, please visit the Graduate Student Association (GSA) website.

  • Psych Tests Library

    Note that this system requires you to enter your Student Username and password to log in.


  • Graduate Researchers in Psychological Sciences (GRIPS)

    GRIPS is a network primarily for research students in the School. Regular events and sessions are organised throughout the year on topics such as post-docs, and publishing. The groups aims to build a network of research students in the department, and to help develop research skills.



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