CSC Seed Funding Success

Congratulations to the successful applicants in the 2022 round of the Contemplative Studies Centre's Academic Seed Funding Program.

Our Academic Seed Funding Program garnered strong interest from all corners of the University. We engaged 10 internal reviewers and one external reviewer representing 11 disciplines who - after very careful and thoughtful consideration - identified six projects that support our mission to advance the interest, capacity, and impact of contemplative studies and practice at the University of Melbourne and in the broader community.

The final selection represents a truly diverse range of backgrounds, level of experience and disciplines. The six projects that have received funding in this round are from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, and the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, and they also include collaborations with people from 23 community organisations.

In mid-2023, four of these projects received extra funding through the CSC Academic Seed Funding Program Plus (ASFP+), a competitive funding initiative focussed on propelling existing projects to the next level of excellence. Read on to learn more about the ASFP projects, and contact Luke Hambly if you have any enquiries about the CSC Academic Seed Funding Program.