Behaviour change resources

Resources for health professionals

These resources cover key techniques and strategies that can be applied to increase the likelihood of successful behaviour change. The resources have been designed for practitioners working with clients to change their behaviour (eg social workers, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians).

SMART Goals resource (PDF 135.4 KB)

If-Then Planning resource (PDF 134.4 KB)

Self-Efficacy resource  (PDF 182.8 KB)

Motivation resource (PDF 183.0 KB)

Self-Monitoring and Evaluation resource (PDF 206.9 KB)

Education and training

  • MicroCert - six-week online course for behaviour change.

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Webinars and podcasts

  • Associate Professor Camille Short discusses Behaviour change: Theory, applications and technology on episode 63 of Reach podcast.

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  • Associate Professor Cassie Hayward discusses How scary ads can change our behaviour on PsychTalks.

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