CHDH Moving to Melbourne Connect

The Complex Human Data Hub is moving to Melbourne Connect — a new initiative that connects industry, researchers, entrepreneurs and more  — in early 2021.


Psychological science is undergoing a transition, moving from the laboratory to the study of behaviour in the real world. This transition is enabled by big dense data that allow us to study people in situ and not in contrived laboratory environments. In the Complex Human Data Hub, we are driving the development of computational methods to explain, predict and influence human action.

Melbourne Connect provides the ideal context for us to to achieve our goals as it:

  • co-locates us with the computational disciplines whose work underpins so much of what we do;
  • embeds us in an entrepreneurial culture that can transform our work to drive societal impact; and
  • connects us with the Science Gallery to allow us to explore mind, brain and behaviour in artistic form

Find our more about Melbourne Connect here.

More Information

Simon Dennis | CHDH director