Can you pick a Deepfake? Dr Simon Cropper investigates human detection ability

Dr Simon Cropper recently spoke to 9NEWS about his research that found that people can pick a deepfake around 65% of time time. “There was huge individual differences too...We got some people (about 2%) who were ‘superdetectors’ and got over 90%.” said Dr Simon Cropper, from the Complex Human Data Hub.

This research investigated people's ability to detect deepfakes. The study was conducted for National Science week. It was called the ‘Fake Out Challenge’ and was designed and run by the University of Melbourne team - Dr Simon Cropper, Dr Gergely Nyalasy, Sarah Lorenz and Jennifer Nguyen. The videos used for the study are part of a dataset used in the Facebook Deepfake Detection Challenge where programmers created code to detect fake videos. Unlike many of the well-known deepfakes, these videos are of relatively unknown people talking about innocuous things.

At the time of writing this article, the 'Fake Out' Challenge is still open! 

This means you can find out if you’re a superdetector.

Take the ‘Fake Out’ challenge and find out:

Taking the challenge will also help researchers to better understand how well people can identify fake videos and what aspects of those fakes give them away.

In case you missed it:

Watch the segment where Dr Simon Cropper spoke to 9 news about 'deepfakes':