The Society For Ambulatory Assessment (SAA) Conference

The Complex Human Data Hub will be sponsoring the 2020 Society for Ambulatory Assessment (SAA) conference that will be held at the University of Melbourne, Australia from January 15th to 18th, 2020. The SAA 2020 conference aims to bring together scientists from a range of disciplinesinterested in the use of real-time data capture and experience sampling methodologies, and features keynotes by Professor Nicholas Allen (University of Oregon), Professor Simine Vazire (University of California, Davis), and Professor Andrew Campbell (Dartmouth College) as well as more than 3 days of presentations, flash talks, posters and student-focused workshops.

You can follow the SAA2020 on Twitter @saa2020aus

Official website: (for info about the conference / regular updates).

Enquires? Email:

Andrew T Campbell

Simine Vazire

Nick Allen