ACNS Conference 2018

The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne was pleased to host the 2018 Australian Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference.

The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne was pleased to host the 2018 Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society (ACNS) Conference, enjoyed by 340 attendees from 10 countries.

The program featured three internationally renowned cognitive neuroscientists as keynote speakers: Prof Emily Falk from the University of Pennsylvania, Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky from the University of South Australia and Prof Nick Turk-Browne from Yale University. Two special keynotes were presented by the recipients of the ACNS Young Investigator Awards, Dr Mac Shine and Dr Marta Garrido. Talks were presented also by the two winners of the Emerging Researcher Awards, Dr Patrick Cooper and Dr Talitha Ford. The conference featured 4 symposia, 43 open talks and 60 fast talks, and two poster galas.

The conference was preceded by several workshops, including on Connectomics, Mobile EEG and EEG-based brain–computer interfaces, practical issues in developmental cognitive neuroscience, and navigating the post-PhD experience.

The social events included a welcome reception, the Early Career Researcher mixer night, and the conference dinner at Melbourne Zoo. Congratulations to Associate Professor Katherine Johnson and Dr Stefan Bode and their teams of organisers and volunteers who made the conference possible. Special thanks to all the conference sponsors.

Award winners

Undergrad/Masters Poster

Madison Mellow

University of South Australia

Acute aerobic exercise and non-invasive brain stimulation measures of motor cortical plasticity: A systematic review

Undergrad/Masters Talk

Dominic Yip

University of Melbourne

The role of hue in search for texture differences: Implications for camouflage design

PhD Poster

Rebecca K Lawrence

Australian National University

Does self-identified cultural background mediate the relationship between spatial attention and visual perception?

PhD Poster

Nikki-Anne Wilson

University of Sydney

Impaired social simulation in the behavioural variant of frontotemporal dementia: A novel cognitive mechanism underlying social behaviour?

PhD Talk

Tess Nikitenko

University of Tasmania

Investigating the mechanisms of selective inhibition of planned actions in young and older adults

PhD Talk

Robert A. Seymour

Macquarie University

MEMES: An open-source MATLAB toolbox for performing magnetoencephalography source analysis without a structural MRI

Postdoc Poster

Elizabeth J. Saccone

La Trobe University

The contribution of cognitive and sensory influences on the perceived strength of the size-weight illusion

Postdoc Poster

Tijl Grootswagers

University of Sydney

Assessing the temporal dynamics of object processing using rapid-MVPA

Postdoc Talk

Hannah Kirk

Monash University

The effects of a gamified cognitive training program in reducing inattentive behaviour in the classroom: A randomised controlled trial

Postdoc Talk

Luke J. Hearne

University of Queensland

Multivariate lesion-network mapping in stroke patients reveals connectivity patterns related to specific and global behavioural deficits