MDHS Graduate Research Conference 2020

Come see our PhD students present their work at the MDHS virtual Graduate Research Conference on Tuesday, 8th December, from 7.45AM – 8PM.

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is hosting the MDHS virtual Graduate Research Conference next Tuesday, 8thDecember, from 7.45AM – 8PM. We are excited to announce that several of our fantastic Masters and PhD students will be presenting and discussing their work throughout the conference. We will also be joined by keynote speakers Prof Kurt Gray, Prof Fiona Fidler, and Dr Daniel Bennett, a past graduate student from our hub. Please see the presentation line up and for our students below.

Registration is still ongoing but closes this Friday, so do sign up before then via registration link.

For more information, please visit the conference website.

Please do come along to support and engage with our graduate students at what looks to be an amazing conference!


Neuroscience – Psychiatry and Mental Health

Session 3

17 00 – 17 15: Anita Dharan

Neuro-cognitive comorbidities in Juvenile Absence Epilepsy

17 45 – 18 00: Shivam Kalhan

Inhibitory control over reward: dependent smokers exhibit more prefrontal cortex activity during preparatory control but reduced anterior cingulate cortex activity during reactive control

Psychological Sciences

Session 1

09 30 – 09 40: Jane Yook

Motion extrapolation in the flash-lag effect depends on perceived, rather than physical speed

09 40 – 09 50: Caoimhe Moran

Decoding and Reconstructing the Remapped EEG Representation Before a Saccadic Eye-Movement

Session 2

10 30 – 11 00: Dr Daniel Bennett

Keynote Presentation

11 00 – 11 15: Hana McDonald

Neuropsychological methods for the pre-surgical lateralization of seizure foci in temporal lobe epilepsy: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Session 3

17 00 – 17 15: Matthew Jiwa

Choosing to Know: Agency Increases the Value of Non-Instrumental Information

17 15 – 17 30: Talina Bayeleva

The effect of authenticity on conscious and unconscious emotion perception of happiness and disgust

17 45 – 18 00: Philippa Johnson

Predictive activation of hierarchical neural representations compensates for neural delays in visual motion perception

18 00 – 18 15: Elektra Schubert

Decoding explicit and implicit representations of health and taste attributes in the human brain

18 15 – 18 30: Tessel Blom

The time-course of prediction formation and revision in human visual motion processing

18 45 – 19 00: Helen Overhoff

Effects of ageing on neural correlates of metacognition