Return to On-Campus Research

Resuming On-Campus Research Activities

Guidance as of 22nd June

Determining Eligibility for Resuming On-Campus Research

Based on the University's phased return to campus, we are currently in Phase 2. Eligibility for on-campus research will depend on the necessity and urgency for an on-campus presence and attaining formal approval. Research work that can be conducted at home should continue. Please speak to your supervisors if you believe you have a strong justification and need to resume research activity and if your research meets the eligibility criteria.

Currently, the following forms of research activity are ineligible:

  • Activities that might create risk for the researchers (e.g., laboratory work that cannot be conducted within current health guidelines)
  • Activities that require access to campus by members of the public (e.g. for participation in human-subject trials or focus groups). These activities will only be approved in exceptional circumstances, and permission must be sought from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research; DVCR).

Ethics Approval

Your research team must submit and obtain approval for an amended ethics application prior to applying to conduct your research activity on campus.

Request for Approval to Conduct Research on Campus

After attaining ethics approval, submit the online form to request approval for your research activity. Requests will be endorsed by Amy Bugeja (Acting School Manager) and relevant Departmental Campus lead as 1st and 2nd endorser respectively, followed by ADR Mike McGuckin, and DVCR Jim McCluskey. All approvals are subject to individuals complying with relevant health and related safety requirements.

Be prepared to answer the following questions and provide the necessary supporting documents in the form:

  • The research project for which approval is being sought
  • Personnel required on-site and the requested location
  • Lead contact and supervisor's (if applicable) contact details
  • Justification for research (2000 character limit)
  • Possible project-related risks (e.g. OH&S, biorisk) and relevant risk mitigation plan or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Supporting documents (e.g., ethics approval, risk assessment, SOP)
  • Acknowledgement that the work, if approved, can accommodate interruption at short notice

Health Declaration and Request for Building Access

After attaining approval to conduct your research activity, you will be required to complete a health declaration, after which you must submit building access request form prior to your first access.

COVIDSafe Campus Online Module

It is compulsory to complete the COVIDSafe campus online module available on TrainME. Please set aside approximately half an hour to complete this module.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Online Module

Please set aside approximately half an hour to complete this module.


We strongly encourage that you download the COVIDSafe App to assist the University and DHHS with contact tracing should you come into contact with someone who has or is likely to have contracted the virus. Alternatively, ensure that you keep a detailed account of your whereabouts and people you have come into contact with.

University, MSPS and Laboratory Health and Safety Protocols

Prior to commencing your research activity, familiarise yourself with the following protocols:

  1. University protocols on cleaning, physical distancing and hygiene
  2. Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures in COVID-19
  3. MSPS RBB Re-Entry Checklist

Communication with Participants

Please ensure that participants are well-informed of the risks they undertake by participating in your study, along with clear instructions for them to follow prior to, and on the day of the study. Examples of these include:

  • Completing the health declaration form
  • An isolated location to be picked up by a member of the research team
  • Things to bring (e.g., water bottle, pen)


If you require an escort around the Parkville campus and nearby locations, please book an escort in advance or call University security at any time, 24/7, at 8344 6666 or 1800 246 066 (free call).


  1. Ethics Approval
  2. Approval from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  3. Health Declaration
  4. Building Access Approval
  5. COVIDSafe Campus online module
  6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) online module
  7. Prepare necessary tracing document
  8. Download the COVIDSafe app (strongly encouraged)
For health or COVID-19 questions, advice or notifications: